Graphic Designing Course Training in Trichy

To Know about Our Course & Fees Details.

We, Monis Digital World academy offers the best graphic designing course in trichy.


Course Name          :   Graphic Design

Batches                   :    Week days/Week ends

Class times             :     2 hrs daily

Mode of Training    :     ONLINE

Language                :     Tamil/English

Duration                  :     2 Months            

Software to be

trained                    : Adobe Illustrator & Canva

Eligibility Criteria   :   +2 & above


       Graphic Designing has currently come an integral part of chromatic business exercise that calls for visual communication, in form of print/ digital Advertisementsleafletscirculars etc. As per a report published by the CII, about 20 of the design assiduity comprises of graphic design work and the graphic design industriousness is said to be roaring at a poked rate of 13 %.

   To tap the adding openings in the fieldIMAGE has designed this course that would enable scholars to make a strong foundation in visual design and communication, and specialize in designing a range of marketing collaterals.

What Is Graphic Design Course?

      The Graphic Designing Course will educate you How to Use the Right Combination of Text and filmland to produce Visual generalitiesannouncementsMagazinesBooks, Logo Design, pamphletsregisters, Creation Etc. Using rearmost Technology, Experience, and Creativity to induce New Ideas That Inspire, Promote and Attract Consumers.

      Our Expert drafted Training System will educate you the Creative Art Form That Requires the Capability to Work With a platoon of Experts to Produce a Comprehensive and Effective Product or Service. Graphic Designing means Communicating Business IdeasProducts, and Services to People in a further seductive Way Either Through Social Media, websites, or Visual and publish Media.

Curriculum Of Graphic Design Course

  • Details on color proposition and its operation
  • Rules and principles of graphic designing
  • Assiduity acquainted training
  • Software associated with graphic designing
  • Adobe photoshop
  • Image editing
  • Difference between restoration and advanced retouching
  • How to compound and manipulate an image
  • Sessions on GIF robotization and normal robotization
  • Advanced plugins
  • Adobe illustrator
  • Vector plates
  • Infographics icon
  • Marketable brand fashion
  • oil rules
  • RGB and CMYK
  • Media publishing
  • Basics on portfolio creation

What will learn with us?

  • Understanding Design demand and followership
  • Research and Visual Exploration
  • Digital Photography Fundamentals
  • Digital Image- Editing ways
  • preface to Design Styles and Vector Graphics
  • Ideating and Designing publish/ Digital Marketing Collaterals
  • Designing publish/ Digital Page Layouts and Structures

Logo Design

A impresa formulator creates the branding employed to represent a particular brand or product, normally through visually pleasing and identifiable plates and typography.


Social Media Poster Design

Social media Bill makes effects much easier for social media marketer. Like posting, cataloging , reposting and participating websites.

PPT Presentation

PowerPoint can be used to prepare lectures and giveaways by helping preceptors upgrade their material to salient points and content. 

Printing Designs

we also teach printing designs for posters and banners etc…and we are the best Graphic Designing Course Training in Trichy

To Know about Our Course & Fees Details.

A company’s totem ought to come out of its brand( not vice versa). A lot of exploration — about business pretensions, identity and strategy; brand personality and voice; the intended followership; and further — goes into creating a company brand. Out of this root, a totem also may be created

Letterhed Design

Yes. tone- printing can have merit over the professional letterhead at times. 

Logo and Business Card Design

In an open contact, double- click the Electronic Business Card. In the Edit Business Card dialog box, in the Card Design section, click Change. 


Signage Design

While each of these may serve a different purpose, if done right, good signage provides your guests and implicit guests with subtle.

Billbord Design

Billboard graphic design is a type of large format graphic design. Billboard plates are designed to catch a person’s attention and produce a memorable print in twinkles while traveling from one destination to another.

Why You Choose us?

  • Tamil and English medium
  • Query clearing one- on- one sessions
  • Demonstration class
  • online
  • Placement assistance
  • Reasonable charges
  • Real– time projects


  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • Film Post Production Studio
  • Web Designing Company
  • YouTube/ TV Channels
  • Copy and digital centers
  • Graphic Design workplaces
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Desktop publishing
  • journals, Education
  • publish Press &E-Publication


Most frequent questions and answers

Some of the courses tendered by graphic exercise institutes are Advance InDesign, Visual stuff( VFX), Graphic and Web Designing, Advance CorelDraw,etc

Graphic designing courses are basically short- term courses with an average duration ranging between 3 months to 1 year

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Monis Digital world- Graphice design Online Course..
SkillShare Great Graphic Design..
Udemy Logo Design Fundamentals..
Coursera Graphic Design Course by University of Colorado Boulder..
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Yes, you can comprehend the basics of graphic design in 2 months, but it takes several times to master it. In fact, you will learn that indeed decades afterward you can keep enhancing your skill.

Job opportunities of graphic designers are projected to grow 3 percent from 2021 to 2031, slower than the normal for all occupations. Despite limited employment growth, about,800 openings for graphic designers are projected each time, on average, over the decade.



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